Rental Property Turnover

​Have you got an apartment that needs to be cleaned before you move? Does your lease agreement require you to put the house back into the same condition that it was in before you moved in? Don't have time to do it yourself? Call us! Our residential cleaning company knows what it takes to make your landlord happy so you can move on with your security deposit.

House For Sale Cleaning

Attracting buyers to your house has a lot to do with curb appeal. Having updated appliances and fixtures will help you get a good offer. If you want to get to the top of the selling range for your home, it needs to be sparkling clean. This is where our residential cleaning service really shines! We can get your house as close as humanly possible to that new home look.

House Share Maintenance​

House sharing can be an adventure. Perhaps you need to move a friend or family member into an unused section of your home in Long Island while renovations get done on theirs. Maybe your parents need to be a little closer to you so your can keep a caring eye on them. Or, possibly, you are trading homes so that you can experience another part of the world. Whatever the case may be, there is the possibility that you will need some extra help with tidying up. Call our house cleaning service. We'd love to help!

Vacant Property Upkeep

​Do you have a house that is vacant? Our Long Island cleaning service can help you keep the dust in check until it becomes occupied again.

  • Bathrooms
  • Vacation Rental

Our Services Include:

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Post Construction

Real Estate Cleaning Services

  • Residential
  • Kitchen
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Real Estate Cleaning Services

 Vacation Property Management  

Our Long Island residential house cleaning service can help you get your vacation home back into pristine shape between tenants.

If you don't rent your vacation home but just feel like lounging around, basking in the Fire Island sun all summer long, let us clean for you. Why go through all the trouble on your summer vacation? Our maids are experts in giving your house that five star hotel look and feel!

  • Odor Solution
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Our Long Island Cleaning Service is trained to handle all sorts of real estate jobs. The real estate professionals that we work with know that we are capable and qualified to maintain the highest level of quality and professionalism in our customers homes. We give every home the same attention to detail that we would our own.

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