Storing winter clothes isn’t something everyone has to do, but it’s a major lifestyle problem when you have limited space and no idea how to do it. If you live in Florida and your winter clothes consist of a lightweight sweater and dresses with sleeves, you’re not going to need winter clothes storage advice. Here in Long Island [...]

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Green cleaning becomes so much easier when you have vinegar in your supply of cleaners! How convenient to have this all purpose cleaner in your cabinet, as opposed to other cleaning products that your little child might find interesting. Vinegar is extremely effective and cheap. Although there are a few types of vinegar, distilled  [...]

You wake up from a restless night's sleep. You stumble over to your Keurig to make that much-needed coffee. There is a long work day ahead full of deadlines and meetings. The K-cup is pierced, and you wait for it – that simply delicious smell, that little trickle of coffee goodness. Instead, your cherished machine [...]

Cleaning your family home is in many ways a necessary evil. No one really likes to roll up their sleeves and get it done but for the sake of good health, we have to. The University of Indiana, in a recent study, found people who live in clean houses are likely to be in better physical [...]

If you've dabbled in the essential oils, you have likely heard it said, “There is an essential oil for everything.” There is an oil for vibrant, healthy skin. There is an oil for boosting your immunity during flu season. There is an oil for assisting you in digesting over-sized beef steaks. Behold, rosemary essential oil  [...]

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Would you consider housework and cleaning labor? The United States government did, having its Bureau of Labor Statistics report that in 2015, women spent an average of 29 minutes cleaning (men, just 10 minutes a day, but that adds up too!). What could you do with an extra 10 to 30 minutes a day?  [...]

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Keeping your home sparkling and organized is not the only thing we cover in this blog. You can clean just about anything without harsh chemicals. Beauty products are no exception! Just like anything else in your home, they need a little a little maintenance every now and then. If you clean your makeup sponge as [...]

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Peppermint essential oil is minty and refreshing. It is generally considered to be an analgesic, antispasmodic, decongestant, expectorant, stimulant, vasoconstrictor, antiseptic and anesthetic. It is used in many natural remedies due to its amazing properties.

Peppermint is a hybrid of spearmint and watermint. It is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean, but most of [...]

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