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Clean headlights can make a world of difference to the way a vehicle looks. It is relatively easy to clean and polish your vehicle's metal parts, but the plastic bits are often overlooked. Over time, it is going to get cloudy and make the whole vehicle look old and worn out. That is not something [...]

Staying in a five star hotel is what travelling is all about. You get exclusive concierge service, first-class room service and a full suite complete with a hot tub! That said, have you ever thought about how clean your hotel room or suite really is? Chances are when you first look at it, you would [...]

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If you have inherited the pack rat gene, like I have, you know how life can be an ongoing battle against collecting and storing too many things. If you've ever gone to a storage auction, you should know it's fairly common and that you are not alone. Learning how to de-clutter and organize your home [...]

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spring cleaning your house
how to be sure your hotel room is clean

With the dank melancholy of the winters finally giving way to the dazzling effervescence of springtime, it is time to enliven your spirits and freshen up your home with some heavy duty cleaning and scouring. Whether it is manicuring your lawns to immaculate perfection, scrubbing your floors for dust accumulated during winter hibernation or removing [...]

spring cleaning your house